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The consequences of being arrested and convicted of a crime during your university years can be serious. If you have been accused of underage drinking, assault, drug charges, theft, DUI, or something else, it is important to hire a lawyer that you trust to protect your rights, provide assistance in navigating the court process, and to help you achieve the best result possible depending on the specific facts of your case.

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College students are often getting to experience freedoms for the first time being away from the guidance rules of their parents. For many, this may be the first time they can choose who to hang around with, how late to stay out, and many students lack the wisdom and judgment that comes with maturing. Students can make mistakes that result in scrutiny by law enforcement and, potentially, criminal charges.

Driving Under the Influence, Drug crimes consisting of possession or sale, underage drinking and allegations of sexual assault are all too commonplace on today’s college campus. Students may participate or help cover up something for a friend or fraternity/sorority member because they feel pressured to do so leading to legal issues.

A misdemeanor or felony conviction on one’s record can have serious long-term consequences and close many doors to future opportunities. Criminal charges mean more than simply jail time and fines; it can have long lasting probation/supervision consequences as well as a negative reflection on the individual for their future. Convictions for specified sexual assault charges can result in having to register as sex offender which is a minimum 25-year designation in Florida.

If you or your child attend the Univeristy of Tampa or University of South Florida, refer to the links below to learn about their code of conduct:

University of Tampa:

University of South Florida:

Criminal charges common to Florida College Campuses

The most reported crimes on Florida College Campuses include:

College students are trying to navigate their future career as well as balance the host of new freedoms they have and to manage their own bodies and minds still changing and evolving. Decisions can be made without thinking through the “worst case scenario” or possible consequences of the student’s actions.

Parents of Students charged with a crime: There is hope!

Parents often go through a wide range of emotions and questions when first learning their college student has been charged with a crime or is being investigated for a crime.

  • “How could this happen?”
  • “This is not how I raised my child; what in the world are they doing? Did I do something wrong?”
  • “I know my child; there must be some mistake. They would never do this”
  • “Their future is ruined; everything is lost”

It is important to have perspective in times like this and a knowledgeable attorney can greatly help not only in the legal realm, but in helping parents and families understand realistic outcomes and managing expectations. Youthful Offender sentences can offset severe felony charge sentencing. First offender and diversion programs can be available for students without any prior criminal history.

It is also important to understand your college student’s legal issues are not just with the Criminal Courts and State Attorney’s Office, but also with the school itself. The student may be subject to school disciplinary hearings and other administrative hearings where an experience attorney can make a major difference in shaping an outcome that protects their future.

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