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Manatee County Court Information

Information for the Manatee County Criminal Courts in the Twelfth Judicial Circuit of Florida:

Manatee County Criminal Court Locations

Felony and misdemeanor criminal cases for Mantee County are handled at the:

Manatee County Judicial Center

1051 Manatee Avenue West

Bradenton, FL 34205

Phone: (941) 749-3600

County Court Judges in Manatee County, FL

The County Criminal Division of the Twelfth Judicial Circuit has jurisdiction over criminal traffic cases and misdemeanor criminal cases. The County Criminal Division in Manatee County is made up of four divisions: Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, and Division 4.

County Criminal3The Honorable Heather Doyle
County Criminal4The Honorable Melissa Gould
County Criminal1The Honorable Renee Inman
County Criminal2The Honorable Jacqueline B. Steele
County Criminal Judges (Twelfth Judicial Circuit – Manatee County)

Circuit Court Judges in Manatee County, FL

If you are charged with a felony crime in Manatee County, your case will be assigned to a Circuit Criminal Division and Judge. The Circuit Criminal Division in Manatee County is made up of three divisions: Felony I, Felony III and Felony V.

Circuit CriminalFelony VThe Honorable Lon Arend
Circuit CriminalFelony IIIThe Honorable Frederick P. Mercurio
Circuit CriminalFelony IThe Honorable Matt Whyte
Circuit Criminal Judges (Twelfth Judicial Circuit – Manatee County)

Court Case Details and Tracking (Manatee County)

Case details for criminal matters in Manatee County, Florida, can be viewed from the website for the Manatee County Clerk of Court. You can find information about your next court date, the judge assigned to your case, and case filings.

Arrest inquiries and information including bond and booking numbers can be found on the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office website.

Diversion Programs in Manatee County, FL

Recognizing the needs of first-time offenders or minor transgressions of the law, the 12th Circuit State Attorney’s Office has created felony and misdemeanor diversion programs. Some of these alternative sanctions provide rehabilitation services addressing issues such as substance abuse, domestic violence, and mental health needs. Programs include:

Resources for Manatee County Criminal Cases